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Build a pleasurable, playful and connected sex life with your partner in 30 days.

Couples Arousal is an on-demand course that will help you build lasting sexual connection. Do it by yourself, or with your partner, at your own pace.

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Are you in love but feel like the lust is gone? Do you feel stuck wondering if this is just how it's going to be?

The Couples Arousal Course will show you how to build lasting sexual connection and overcome common blocks that leave loving partners in sexless relationships.

Designed by seasoned therapist Mike Rosen, learn how to redefine sex by making it more pleasurable, more playful and more in line with who you are and what you want.

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Couple's Arousal Course will teach you how to:

Strengthen sexual desire

Uncover, specifically, what drives and blocks your and your partner's desire to optimize for pleasure.

Be more confident in bed

Learn how to overcome desire discrepancy, performance anxiety and other blocks that will make you feel more confident and connected.

Communicate better

Get comfortable having productive conversations about sex and asking for what you want in bed.

Try new things together

Guided exercises help you explore new activities and add novelty in bed.


Try it risk-free for 14 days

A sneak peek of the course:

What you get when you join

Couple's Arousal:

6 hours of videos and exercises

Access educational videos, guided exercises, workbooks and step-by-step techniques.

Content covered in 6 months of therapy for less than 1 therapy session

6 months of knowledge and assignments covered in sex therapy — for less than the price of 1 session.

Bonus 2 live calls

A limited time launch offer where you will be able to ask Mike and Natassia any questions and learn more during 2 live calls.

Privacy and flexibility

Complete the course at your own pace from the comfort of your home and from any device.

Risk-free money back guarantee

You have 14 days from the day you sign up to try it out. If it's not for you, we'll give you a full refund.

For less than the cost of a date night or therapy session, invest in your relationship by joining the Couple’s Arousal Course.


Try it risk-free for 14 days

How It Works

There are 4 weekly modules with a 45-minute educational video per module.

Each module also has integration exercises and journaling prompts.

We recommend dedicating 1.5 hours per week for 4 weeks — total of 6 hours.

What's In Each Module


We want you to succeed, so let’s begin by setting your intentions and goals for the next 4 weeks through a series of exercises.

We also align expectations and agreements to make this learning experience as productive as possible.

Module 1: Redefining sex

Let's debunk everything you have learned about sex. It’s complicated and we all have fears and insecurities.

Learn what you can actually control and start exploring pleasure from a new lens that will broaden your understanding of sex (and get you excited about the possibilities you never thought possible).

Module 2: Overcoming emotional and relationship blocks

Loss of eroticism, boredom and avoidance are all too common in a relationship, so how do we overcome them? What about dealing with inevitable stress in our lives? Or even trauma?

We teach you how to successfully navigate these important blocks by learning how to recognize the triggers, why they happen and strategies you can employ.

We also cover sexual dysfunction and mismatched libidos — two of the biggest pain points we hear from you.

Module 3: Finding your sexual style, together

Most couples get stuck because they only have 2 gears: affection and intercourse. They are so focused on the orgasm and performance, that they lose sight of actual satisfaction.

That’s because most of us go through life having the sex we think we should have, rather than the one we want to have.

So in this section we teach you how to feel comfortable and confident talking to your partner about sex, seeing your partner as an ally and finding your sexual style, together.

There’s so much to explore through sensuality, playfulness and non-sexual erotic touch!

Module 4: Navigating highs and lows

How can you stay connected and keep things exciting long-term? A lot of it depends on your reaction to rejection, sexual distress and stagnation — which are all inevitable parts of our lives! We cover how to best handle them so that you can turn setbacks into opportunities.

We also offer a beginner-friendly approach to exploring fantasies and kink. Don’t worry — if this sounds advanced to you, it isn’t. These are important tools that deepen your sexual connection to yourself and your partner in the long run, and you will learn how to use them.

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Meet Your Instructors, Mike and Natassia

Welcome! If you're new here, I'm Natassia Miller, the sexologist and founder behind Wonderlust.

With over 280K followers on social media, I am passionate about helping people feel more confident and connected in bed.

What I hear most often from you is how bored or disappointed you are in your sex life. So I partnered with Mike to bring you the foundational course that will change how you experience pleasure.

Hey! I'm Mike Rosen, a therapist focused on sexuality, relationships and grief.

I received my Master's from the University of Pennsylvania and am a featured keynote speaker for Fortune 100 companies and top universities.

Through my private practice, I've witnessed many of my clients feel like they are the only ones going through blocks that are actually commonly experienced by many of us.

So I've created an accessible and inclusive course that addresses these blocks and covers what usually takes place in early couple's sex therapy.

Get the tangible benefits of sex therapy for a fraction of the price in the Couple's Arousal Course.

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