100+ 5-Star Reviews

Couples who openly talk to each other about their desires have more satisfying sex lives. But it's not always easy.

So we created the Mindful Intimacy Deck with tastefully curated prompts to guide conversations around sex.



What Couples Are Saying

I played the deck last night with my partner and we were SO impressed! From the design to the questions to the conversations we had, all around it was a phenomenal experience. It's chic AF!

Tatiana F.

Buy it immediately!!! My significant other and I loved this purchase! Brought us closer and only taught me more about her. We love it!

Jade D.

Really fun and intimate! Exactly what I was looking for, something that already helps our intimate life. It really gets us to ask and answer questions that help our relationship grow. Will forever recommend.

Sarah S.

About Wonderlust

Sexual wellness for couples to thrive in their sex lives and relationships with quality tools and education that deepen connection through design.

Meet Mindful Intimacy

Mindful Intimacy Deck


100+ 5-Star Reviews

Mindful Intimacy is a tool for couples to talk about sex, explore new possibilities in bed and deepen their connection.


Based on couples therapy principles, there are two levels of 69 cards each with prompts to strengthen your emotional, physical and sexual intimacy.

  • 138 prompts with questions and actions
  • For all couples and LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Therapist approved
  • Exclusively designed to decorate the home
  • Box size: 2.75"H x 5.4"W x 5"D / weight: 1.25 lbs

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Lust Report

Insights to elevate intimacy, pleasure and relationships.

Nathalie Edenburg

The Brazilian artist behind our Mindful Intimacy Deck shares her creative process and approach to partnership, intimacy and sexual wellness.

"Marriage is where you least have sex." But why? And what can we do about it?

We explore how monogamy and marriage have evolved over time to our modern concept of them, how they're failing us and what we can do to build a fulfilling sex life and relationship.

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The Brazilian artist behind our Mindful Intimacy Card Game shares her creative process and approach to partnership, intimacy and sexual wellness.