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The intimacy deck for couples to talk about sex, deepen their connection and spice things up.


"My husband and I played the deck last night. I'm still beaming. We had the most amazing evening and, I never thought this possible, but I am even more in love with him today!"

Leah S.

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"This game exceeded my expectations!! We learned more about ourselves and our relationship than I could have ever imagined."

Breana S.
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"My partner has a hard time talking about intimacy and sex in regards to what he wants/ likes/ dislikes. These cards helped open us both up and definitely brought us closer and we learned a bunch of new things about each other."

Erin A.
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Why Couples Love It

Perfect for Date Nights

Enjoy quality time together as you set your phones aside to focus on each other.

Deepens Connection

Tastefully curated prompts guide conversations and actions that bring you closer and fuel desire.

Therapist Approved

Based on relationship psychology, it's a fun, effective and sensual experience.

Great Gift

Beautifully illustrated cards by artist Nathalie Edenburg elevate the deck to decorate the home.


Two Ways to Play

Make It A Date

The deck has two levels of 69 cards each. Each partner takes turns drawing a card.

Start at Level One to warm things up, then move onto Level Two with spicier prompts.

Based on sex therapy principles to fuel desire and dig deeper.

Example prompts:

"What turns you on the most about me?"
"What's a must for you during foreplay?"
"Kiss my neck the way you would want to be kissed."

Intimacy Prompt of the Day

You can also pick a new prompt each day to inspire conversations that deepen connection on the daily.


100+ 5-Star Reviews

Mindful Intimacy Deck

Mindful Intimacy is a tool for couples to deepen their intimacy and connection.

  • 138 question and action prompts
  • For all couples and LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Therapist approved
  • Exclusive illustrations to elevate the experience
  • Size: 2.75"H x 5.4"W x 5"D / Weight: 1.25 lbs

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Approved By Sex Therapists & Coaches

“As a therapist, I can say this for certain: you can do all the therapy you want, but eventually you have to talk to your partner, too. The Mindful Intimacy Deck provides the vocabulary to do just that.”

Mike Rosen,

"This is a wonderful deck to enhance intimacy, emotionally and sexually, with new or long-term partners. The artwork is fantastic, so erotic and inclusive. The questions offer gentle topics and fodder for deeper conversation."

Dr. Kate Balestrieri,

Modern Intimacy

“Mindful Intimacy is the card deck I recommend most often to my intimacy coaching clients. It strikes the perfect balance between playful and deep, emotional and physical.”

Rena Martine,

Intimacy Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

A Note From Our Founder

The best relationships are founded on strong communication. Yet when it comes to intimacy and sex, so many questions go unasked. It's a complicated journey that can feel lonely and overwhelming.

I founded Wonderlust to help couples navigate the different stages of a relationship's intimacy. We build quality tools rooted in science that deepen connection through design, starting with our Mindful Intimacy Deck.

I'm so happy you're here and invite you to join us on your journey towards better intimacy.

— Natassia Miller

Founder, Sexuality Educator & Public Speaker

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