Welcome to Wonderlust

We’re on a mission to help couples thrive in their sex lives and relationships.

Founded in 2022 by Natassia Miller — a Brazilian sexuality educator — her passion, commitment and viral success is behind our purpose: to elevate your relationship’s intimacy with quality tools rooted in science that deepen connection through design.

We believe that strong communication and sexual connection are core to building a healthy, fulfilling relationship. That’s why we’re creating the community, education and tools to help guide you on your journey towards better intimacy.

Wonderlust is proudly Latina-owned, independently-funded and based in NYC.

We invite you to step in and join us.

  • "My partner has a hard time talking about intimacy and sex in regards to what he wants/ likes/ dislikes. These cards helped open us both up and definitely brought us closer and we learned a bunch of new things about each other."

    Erin A.

  • "Playing Wonderlust with my partner allowed me to see just how much more depth our relationship really had, a fun & sensual time for all couples & partners alike."

    Dominic F.

  • "The deck is absolutely beautiful. I bought this for my husband and I and it’s been so nice playing together and carving out time to connect. It’s a lovely ritual and I am excited to gift it for other friends this holiday!"

    Leah S.